Wedding car hire

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I’m a classic car buff and restored several cars over the years. When not taking wedding photographs I’m in my garage getting my hands dirty. After a 7 year rebuild of my 1967 Daimler is almost ready to go. Its pretty much the same as a mk 2 Jaguar. With hindsight the car should have been scrapped and it was in such a state. I have covered every aspect of the rebuild myself from the paint and engine etc. The car will be used hopefully 7 days per week and should be a regular site near my home at the Barnes in Sunderland. It will also be available as a wedding car. If interested please get in touch. I covered a wedding in dec 10 and the couple wanted the same car but the hire company couldn’t provide on. As from Spring 19 it “Humpfrey” should be available. The car shown is what mine should look like in the spring.

This years wedding season is nearly over

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Role on 2019! If  you, or you  know of anyone else getting married in 2019/2020 drop me a line. After 40+ years we work to  routine which covers hopefully everything. You can relax and enjoy your day leaving us to just get on with it! We can work to suit a couples requirements and style. I can often work to a price ” within reason”

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